Time to see who's active - and who's not - While Cleaning at the same time!!



We are asking that everyone puts up a Single Panel Flag At their: Center of the top of the Roof Four Corners of your outside Gates. So, That's 5 Flags we want to see. The Single Panel Flag MUST be "not painted. Plain". No Exceptions!



Craft the Single Panel Flag in your inventory with Fiber, Hide, Thatch, Wood.



Because you've been doing AMAZING at cleaning our server of demolish-able bases, and Telepads out. But now lets clean the map of old inactive bases. So any bases not flagged will be swept over and destroyed by admins no matter what the timer left on them. That means FLAGS must be put on. No excuses! Reminders will be announced daily in discord and in game.



Every base you have ( including outposts ) on Every Map. If you want it saved. It needs to be Flagged!



This Starts now May 17th 2020. You have 2 weeks. Until May 31th 2020 to flag your active bases on "all maps". Admins will begin cleaning up un-flagged bases after that. "DO NOT TAKE DOWN FLAGS UNTIL WE SAY IT'S OK!!". It will take time for us to cover all grounds and all maps of all structures!


Bonus 1

On June 2nd-3rd any un-flagged base you see - post in #structure-clean-up for with a screenshot with proof of zero flags. Map/cords. For 150 Bonus Element. *Note for this to count, any base without a flag (needs to be a full structure) any partials will be posted / dealt with as normal


Bonus 2

Take a Selfie/Screen Shot of you or your tribe standing on your roof next to your roof flag. Post it in #Sping-Cleaning-2020 for a 150 element reward for your first picture. 50 element for each picture to follow!


Covid-19 Related Absence

If you are an essential worker and are unable to get in game during these 2 weeks to place a flag, Please create a admin support ticket. Also, If your base is posted in the #structure-clean-up channel showing no flag and we know you to be an active member we will try our best to contact you, you will have 48 hours to reply.


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