Admins have spent lots of time and work these last few weeks testing things, looking over the form results, working with some members who offered their assistance and we all have finally came to a final decision on how we can revamp Arktuary for the better. There are a lot of changes to many different aspects of the game and all have a purpose to help with overall game play, extending the life of game play and to help reduce lag as well.

Here is a list of what we will be changing cluster wide:
- Lower health scaling on dinos. *
- Remove Upgrade Station Mod.
- Keeping Best Egg Mod! ( may revisit this again in the future )
- Increasing slot count on best eggs to 100.
- Add Auction House Mod.
- Add TC Auto Rewards Mod.
- Add Human NPCs Mod. *
- Change XP multiplier to lower amount. *
- Lower Harvest multiplier to half.

- Lower crop growth speed. *
- Remove Gacha Gavagers. *
- No extra dino mod at this time.
- No better loot drops. But a rotating map increased drop rate.
- Remove SS tek cloner. *
- Will not be allowing Reaper Breeding.
- Will not be adding a Taxidermy Mod to the Center, Breeders Alliance Building will be remodeled instead.
- Enabling a Server Auto Kick.
- Enable Trophy Transfers. Only If/When we find a way to do so.
- Replace Utilities Plus with Lethals Reusables.
- Changing Dino Soul terminals to 100 slot. *
- Dino Soul terminals will require power. *
- Dino Soul's will expire if not charged. *
- Removing $1 patreon tier ( Starting Sept 1st ). *
- Allowing Patreon monthly dinos to claim a low level. For breeding purposes. *

We are looking to make these changes Aug 7th -8th.
Prior to these days we ask that players do a few things to prepare for the changes.
- Remove any element shards from SS tek cloners.
- Remove Gacha's from Gavagers.
- Remove any food from Gavagers.
- Patreons, Remove all items from your Upgrade Station.

The above is required to prevent any lost items/dinos.

The changes will also remove the ultimate spyglass. We will still have the awesome spyglass though!

Lastly: Without our players and our patreons we wouldn't be where we are today. So Thank you for your support and for your opinions on these above changes. You're amazing!



* Lower health scaling
* Human NPC will be un harvestable ( for meat ) and un tamable ( at this time ) but will have a difficulty aspect due to them knocking you out. They also come with loot to be found!
* XP multipliers: Lowered to about 1/2.
* Crop growth will be 8x again. Was increased only due to the recent crop plot wipe.
* Gacha Gavagers are being removed. This will help people need to go out/harvest again :)
* SS tek cloner has been a topic for a long time, and will be removed/wiped. The regular Cloner will still exist.
* To reduce player lag. Dino soul terminals will be 100 slot now.
* Dino soul terminals had a update a while ago to require power/have souls expire. We will now be enabling this.
* Due to the fee's/taxes of patreon we need to remove the $1 patreon.
* Patreon's don't always claim dino's... No need for them. So why not claim low level.. Easy to breed with dinos monthly instead? Yes!

More info will be provided on the rest as requested! To much to write all details of at the moment. Lots of changes. Ask questions. Admins will provide you answers.

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