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                                              Rules below... Keep going!

First of all, we appreciate you being a part of our community. Our community is very important and everything to us. We work hard to bring people together, sharing goals and interests in online gaming. We are focusing on multiplayer, open world and survival type of games. Think of our gaming community as your new Sanctuary.

PLEASE change your discord name to your in-game name and include your tribe name included in your discord name so if we can easily get a hold of you if needed. For example: Pnut <Chocolate Rain>


Server Rules as follows:


1. Be respectful to the admins in game, on website or in Discord. These players are spending their gaming time, making your gaming experience stress/drama free and overall enjoyable.


2. Be Respectful to other players (Don't Grief) Straight up, just don't be a jerk. No bullying, sexual harassment, insulting, dropping or luring wilds into another’s base, don't steal. Basically, don't do something to another when you know you'd be upset with it being done to you. Don't block beaver dams and other spawns or block entry points.


3. Don't use upsetting or offensive slurs. This is regarding racial, sexist or sexual slurs. Don't be hateful, prejudiced, sexist or racists. We want to welcome all types of people in our community, so don't alienate anyone because they may be different from you. We don't care about most swear words, but remember to be considerate of others feelings and whether or not it would be considered offensive.


4. Tribe Issues will not be handled with an admin unless its a rare and extreme incident. We will NOT be involved in any internal tribe affairs - like arguments between tribe mates, leaving a tribe without tames/items, mistakes made when joining/merging/leaving a tribe, issues with management in tribe.


5. Don't expect admins to fix issues from game Crashes/Glitches Admins aren't able to control if a player loses anything like tames, lost items, or your character. If its a game issue, we can't fix it. We can't replace it either, since there's no way for us to know what you had when your death happened, so please understand that we can't give you an item you lost. We understand the frustration when something like this happens, since we've all been there before.


6. Don't promote your gaming community, advertise or trade real life money for in game item. Nothing worse than joining a community and then having someone constantly trying to take your money. Trade for in game items Only. Supporters (Patreon or Donated Items) for the server will be able to obtain special items in game and sometimes in real life.

7. Be patient and friendly during Server Events hosted by Admins. Monthly events with Admins on the servers will be posted on the calendar and in Discord, so watch for them. Prizes for events will include element (more for Server supporters)for all that participate and in some rare cases gear and dinos. This just goes back to being respectful to admins and the amount of time spent getting the event prepared for you.


8. Base Requirements: Tribe of ACTIVE 1-10 members= 2 base locations per server One 100x100 and One 50x50 Tribe of ACTIVE 11-20+ members= 2 base locations per server Two up to 100x100 Patreon Servers: +1 base location A. Bases can be no higher than 2 behemoth walls high. Except on Extinction you have to be no higher than 4 behemoth walls high B. You can combine your 2 base locations into one. so you would either get one 150x150 base or 200x200 base. this does not double the height limit though. OR if you decide to build small (like 20x20 instead of 100x100 you could potentially build 4 20x20 spots instead of one 100x100. Depends on server. Island we would ask you to not to that since map is so small. But for extinction it can be okay since so spread out and different biomes) No more than 3 small bases for 1 regular base. C. Don't build in resource rich zones or in/on/near obelisks or artifact caves. D. if your base becomes claimable or demolish-able due to your inactivity, do not expect to try to claim your spot or your items if gone when you come back


9. Please Do Not block easy walk ways especially on beaches so other players on foot or land dinos can get through. IF you have to block an easy walk way please place behemoth gates that are unlocked(and not pincoded) to allow players and larger dinos to move through freely.. Nice thing about S+ is the auto open/close feature. The gates don’t have to auto open but you can set them to auto close so anyone that opens them they will close after. You will get a 24 hour notice in discord by name or at everyone. If it’s not taken care of in that time Admins will take down your gates.(edited)


10. No pillar/foundation spamming to claim an area. You will get a 24 hour notice in discord, by name or with an at everyone. If it’s not taken care of in that time all buildings in your tribe will be deleted (this could also mean your main base). Don't pillar or foundation spam.


11. Pick up/demo your Traps after you are done using them if they are not within your base limits. Dinos and traps will be cleaned up on mondays. If it’s not taken care of before that all buildings/dinos in your tribe will be deleted (this could also mean your main base). If permanent traps are absolutely needed the admins will make a trap. If you leave a tame that you know of that is out there on monday let us know these things. The cleaning usually happens monday afternoon/evenings


12. Do Not Block major beaver dam Spawns A. Also take everything out of them so they break, and are able to respawn new ones. B. Doesn't deal with beavers but Do Bot drop Wyv eggs in the scar or cave that you do not want. EAT them. Iit blocks the spawns for new possibly higher eggs to spawn

13. Don't leave your tames all over the server or in someone else's base.. You will get a notice in discord, by name or with an at everyone. If it’s not taken care of by monday evening your tames will be deleted. This has been warned about MULTIPLE times already.

14. Claimable Creatures: a. If a tribe/player has been inactive for so much time, creatures will become claimable. Anyone can claim these animals as long as they are NOT an admins animal and that they can immediately move these animals to another location. b. DO NOT claim an animal that is stuck inside a build. If you did claim an animals that is still stuck inside a build, and the original player comes back on before their build is gone, you must return the dino to the original tribe. c. Admin bases and animals are off limits. Check the admin tribe list below to ensure you don't claim an admin tribes tame or demolish their base.(edited)


15. Creatures left on Mating & Aggressive: a. Don't leave your animals on mating. Could cause issues with server and give unnecessary lag. Also could become an issue with a bunch of animals being born while you are afk. b. Be wise to not keep your animals on aggressive. Don't want them left on wander and cause havoc on servers and messing up killing all spawns in the area. Ignorance is not an excuse. Make sure you know these rules so nothing bad happens to your base or tames.

Server Leaders-

Owner: Pnut  <Chocolate Rain> 

Admins: Squee-  Sin- Dwarf- Jess- Cerberus- Azazel- Brotzis- Azazel- Natani- Twinki- Shiva


Chocolate Rain


Pink Ladies 

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