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1 - All Arktuary community guidelines apply.


2 - Do not demolish admin tribe built structures or claim admin tribe dinos. (This includes current and former admins.)


3 a- Discord users are expected to update their server nickname to match their in-game nickname (and tribe name) using the following format: In-Game Name <Tribe Name> and include a regular font.

3 b- Players must have a tribe in game. Even if a single player. This allows admins to join/assist when needed.


4 - ARK glitches, crashes, rollbacks, and lost items are beyond the control of admins. In order to prevent abuse/exploitation, please note that lost items, structures, and/or dinos will not be replaced. Thank you for your understanding-- our main goal is to maintain a fair, fun environment for all players. [Note: users can search for missing dinos using the command “/track <dino name/type>” in the in-game chat.]


5 - We always do our best to ensure that our servers are performing as smoothly as possible. Please expect daily server reboots at 5 AM ET (4 AM CT) as well as occasional server maintenance. Unscheduled reboots will be announced in Discord and in-game. Please do not transfer servers up to 15 minutes before a reboot. If you think there is an issue with the server you may file a ticket, but please understand that we cannot fix client side issues.


6 - Do not exploit ARK bugs. This includes, but is not limited to: building/traveling underneath or outside of the world mesh, forcefully entering non-tribe/ally shields, duplicating items/dinos, and running external cheating software (eg. aimbots.) (Zero tolerance, even one incident may result in a complete ban.)


7 - Do not engage in player vs player behavior. Do not kill players, pick up players with tames, or lock players inside builds. (Zero tolerance, even one incident may result in a complete ban.)


8 - No pillar/foundation spamming to claim an area. Additionally, teleporter pads located outside of player bases will be considered foundation spam. (If you feel there should be a publicly accessible teleporter exit please contact the admin team-- all public structures/teleporters must be built and maintained by admins.)


9 - Do not build in resource rich zones or in/on/near obelisks or artifact caves. Note that buildings include TP pads. Do not block beaver dam spawns. (When you harvest the dam, please take everything out of them so they break and are able to respawn. Additionally, do not place structures that will prevent dams from respawning.)


10 - Do not block walkways. If you build near a pathway or spawn point please ensure that your build contains unlocked exits.


11 - Temporary structures/traps must be removed when the player leaves the area. Unaccompanied traps may be demolished without warning. Repeat offences may come with punishment.


12 - Keep all tames inside your base perimeter. To ensure dinos do not escape your base please change their settings to passive mode and disable wandering. Make sure all dinos are fed a "dino tracker" For if you forget a dino out, you can teleport it back home easily!


13= Ensure you have enough hatcheries/soul terminals to cover dinos left on breeding. Excessive amounts of unattended unclaimed babies will be cleared by admins. Repeat offences may result in further punishment.


14 - Due to technical limitations related to ARK, all maps have a dino cap. If we reach the predetermined server cap no one will be able to tame/breed. For this reason, we ask that you only have out what is needed. Please cryo what is not being used for breeding or daily play. If a server hits the dino cap we reserve the right to forcefully cryo dinos in tribes that are near or at the tribe dino cap.


15 - No dino sniping (shooting tranqs at a dino someone else is working on taming). Wyvern/rockdrake trench eggs are first come first serve. Do not discard unwanted eggs by dropping them, please consume. No drop sniping (first come, first serve when it comes to drops.)


16 - Please vette potential tribe members before adding them to your tribe. Admins are not responsible for items/dinos taken by tribe members, and we do not assist in resolving internal tribe conflicts (unless extreme circumstances apply.) Also note that tribe allies can access shielded/locked areas.


17 - Admins cannot guarantee base protection if you are not in-game for an extended period of time. The Arktuary policy for saving bases is a 90 day limit-- if you have extenuating circumstances please contact us via Discord.

18 - Max of 500 crop plots per tribe on any map. Also, max of 4 gardeners per garden. Any more gives off server and cluster wide lag.


★ Admins have the right to claim dinos and/or demolish builds if the owner cannot be reached-- joining Discord is strongly encouraged ★


19 - Base Allotments:


Tribes are granted 2 base locations per server. One 100x100 and one 50x50. If you merge the bases together for only 1 base on the map, max size equals 115x115. ( not 150x150 ). Patreons supporters may also have a third base location (50x50).


- Base sizes are to stay under two behemoth gates tall on all maps except Extinction where you can build as high as 4 behemoth gates tall.

20- Mobile Bases: AkA Quetz or Paracer or Bronto or Mosa:
-Bring home and keep within you base walls when offline OR requires ALL the following:
--May leave turrets on when you're offline. However Shield needs to be large enough to cover entire dino/platform/all turrets. This will ensure no turrets engage fire.
--No Shield blocking pathways/cave entrances ect, when offline.
--Do not leave dinos where our rules forbid base building (ie. Caves. Resource rich areas. Mission zones. Blocking pathways )
--Can only have 2 base locations per map, This can only be out IF you don't already have 2 others.

 21- Max 2 TP's per tribe, per server. ( Those who have 3 will need to downsize )
-TP's are to be At your base only. and only One TP per base location. If you only have 1 base on the map. You can only have 1 TP.
-TP's Must be named. Even if private. No "awesome teleporter" allowed.
-No public TP's inside of a Shielded base or a closed/locked build where people get stuck and cannot walk out of a door or fly out of a open gate/roof.
-2nd TP may be on a "mobile base" as long as this is the 2nd base for your map. You cannot have a mobile base, AKA tek quetz/para/bronto If you already have 2 base locations.

Genesis Building Rules
-1 main base + 1 ocean platform size base in the ocean biome.

-1 small landing outpost in the other biomes not occupied by main base. ( This means 5 total base locations 2 main plus 3 outposts in other biomes. NO 2 bases in 1 biome )
-Do not block off a glitch zone area and do not build a base on a known Glitch. If someone reports your base to be over a glitch you must ensure your gates/doors are open and allowing access to everyone.

-No building on a known TP point into the Biomes. IF your base ends up being on a TP point ensure gates are unlocked. Admins reserve the right to ask you to move your base, If need be.

★ These rules serve as guidelines for our users, however as new situations arise, admins reserve the right to exercise their discretion in order to best resolve potential issues ★

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