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ARK PvE Rules


All Arktuary Community guidelines apply.


1. Do not demolish Admin tribe built structures or claim Admin tribe dinos. (This includes current and former admins.) Admin tribes are denoted by an {A} at the beginning of the tribe. 


2. Players must be in a tribe in game, and are expected to update their server nickname to match their in-game nickname (and tribe name) using the following format: In-Game Name <Tribe Name>. 


3. PvP behavior will be subject to a complete ban. This includes: killing players (actively or passively), picking up players with tames, locking players inside builds and using wild dinos to destroy builds.


4. Exploitation of bugs and glitches will not be tolerated and may be subject to a complete ban. This includes (but is not limited to) building/traveling underneath or outside of the world mesh, forcefully entering non-tribe/ally shields, duplicating items/dinos, running external cheating software (eg. aimbots.) and claiming dinos inside shield barriers.


5. No dino sniping (shooting tranqs at a dino someone else is working on taming). Wyvern/rockdrake trench eggs are first come first serve. Do not discard unwanted eggs by dropping them, please consume. No drop sniping (first come, first serve when it comes to drops, veins and OSDs and event drops)


6. Do not give, sell or trade tek items, gear or structures or any end game items unlocked through boss fights to anyone that has not unlocked it via the options available (bosses, killing titans for tekgrams) .This interrupts the progression of the game for that person.


Building Rules and Allotments: 


7(a). Base Allotments: Tribes are granted 2 base locations per server. One 100x100 and one 50x50. If you merge the bases together for only 1 base on the map, max size equals 115x115. ( not 150x150 ) Patreons supporters may also have a third base location (50x50). Base sizes are to stay under two behemoth gates tall on all maps except Extinction where you can build as high as 4 behemoth gates tall. Note. Measurements are taken from the ground up.


7(b). Please keep bases at least 100 foundations from other bases unless you get permission from the base owner. 


8. Max of 500 crop plots per tribe on any map. Also, max of 4 gardeners per garden. Any more gives off server and cluster wide lag. Stacking plots is fine, however, meshing crop plots is not allowed. Admins have the right to join tribe/check how many plots you have if we are suspicious of you being over this limit 


9. Absolutely no building in artifact caves, near explorer notes, drops or resource rich locations such as metal mountains, beaver dams and crystal caves and special dino spawns such as penguins and egg spawns. If you have questions about a building location, please contact the admin staff before building.


10. No "foundation spam." Any pillars, foundations or other building pieces used to claim an area, block building, or used for any non-base purposes, will be removed immediately by the admin team without warning. This includes 1x1 huts and stray teleporters. Repeated offenses may be subject to disciplinary action. 


11. Traps, and other structures built outside the bounds of your base are to be removed immediately after use. Temporary teleporter pads are not allowed. Any and all of these items will be removed by the admin staff without warning, regardless of build materials. Repeated offenses may be subject to disciplinary action.

12(a). Do not block walkways. If you build near a pathway or spawn point please ensure that your build contains unlocked exits.


12(b). Do not block Genesis Glitches. If you do so unknowingly please ensure that your build remains unlocked so everyone can access and obtain it. 


13. Mobile bases must be kept inside your main base when you are offline or have all of the following:

      • Turrets must be turned off or be within a shield that covers the entire platform 

and dino.

      • Dino and shield must not be blocking any pathway or entrance.

      • Dino must not be left in areas that forbid building, or in another player's base.

      • Is considered your 2nd base.


14. Tribes may have a maximum of 2 teleport pads per server (3 for patreon subscribers) and must:

     • Be named even if private. (Unnamed TP Pads are removed without warning)

• Be inside or directly outside your base.

      • Be private if they are inside a shielded base.

      • Only be on a mobile base if it is your 2nd base.

Dinos and Tames:


15. Keep all tames inside your base perimeter. To ensure dinos do not escape your base please change their settings to passive mode and disable wandering. Make sure all dinos are fed a "dino tracker" For if you forget a dino out, you can teleport it back home easily! 


16(a). Players are not allowed to leave their breeding dinos out. All M/F dinos need to be put away soon as the baby is born / egg is laid. Put matured babies away as soon as they grow up. Additionally any dinos used for breeding that are left out while you are offline may be cleared by admins. Repeat offences may result in further punishment. Note: For an in depth guide for how to breed and organize. See


16(b). Players are expected to only have dinos that are actively mating/gestating/egg hatching/maturing and a few that are used for everyday farming/game play. Also, to maximize performance issues, there is a dino cap per tribe on each map, as well as a global cap per map.


Auction House


17a. No cluttering up pages with items you feel like no one will ever buy. (Eg, Dino Tracker)

17b. No selling more than 1 of each weapon/tool/saddle/Armor Piece at a time. 

17c. No selling more than 6 of one dino at a time. (Eg, 6 Wyverns, 6 Gigas, 6 Dodo's is ok! But 18 of one is not!) 

17d. If you request additional dinos from a seller, msg them or tag them in #trade