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Ark PvE


- Arktuary Community Guidelines -


Here at Arktuary, our goal is to ensure that every player has the best opportunity to have fun, feel welcome, and be themselves. This is why we’ve created a set of simple guidelines designed to ensure all our users can play in harmony:


1 - Be respectful. We encourage a healthy competitive spirit, but trolling, abusive language, harassment, threats, and other uncivilized behavior will not be tolerated. This applies all communications-- in game, in Discord, and in private communications between users. (Zero tolerance, even one incident may result in a complete ban.)


2 - No advertising. Do not promote other communities/servers, link spam, or seek monetary payments from users. Streamers can request a streamer tag, see the FAQ for more information. (Zero tolerance, even one incident may result in a complete ban.)


3 - Report issues and conflicts in the appropriate Discord channel by filing a ticket. Please do not contact individual admins directly. We always respond to issues as soon as possible, so please do not @ admins in Discord.

4 - Community members must be 13 or older or have parental consent to join. We at Arktuary pride ourselves in keeping a family friendly environment, however due to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (“COPPA”), we’re legally required to ensure that our users are either 13+ years old or have parental consent before joining. Additionally, Discord users must be 13 years old or older regardless of parental consent (see the Discord terms of service for more information.)

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